Energy International Pvt. Ltd.
About Us
About Us
Year of establishment:  2005

Major functional areas of activities:
To assist user in harnessing solar power as an alternative source of energy to meet electricity demand.
To facilitate in implementation of solar technology as renewable energy in commercial, industrial, governmental and residential households

Services offered
  • Photovoltaic (solar-electric) Power System for commercial, industrial and residential purpose.
  • Solar power system related products, system and services
  • Manufacturing, assembly and system integration of solar power system
  • Diversified activities in solar application, system integration as major distributor and dealer of International companies in line with their latest innovation in solar power utilization in Nepal.
  • System design, procurement, installation, interconnection and after sales service solar power project s.

Vision Statement
Our vision is to contribute towards national expertise to minimize magnitude of energy crisis.

Mission Statement
“Our mission is to provide complete package of solar energy services with innovation and solutions to the highest quality standards and sustainability.”

Business association with
- Sunera Distribution Pvt. Ltd., Singapore
- TATA BP Solar Limited India
- Arraytech Ltd. (American Power Conversion)

Aims and Objectives
To be able to
  • Deliver high quality services to our customer in line with their expectation to derive optimum benefit from the price they pay.
  • Develop and widen service areas introducing innovative service packages through maintaining rapport and long term relationships with key partners including exchange of knowledge and technology.
  • Maintain awareness of environmental sustainability.
  •  Grow financially as an organized unit and endeavour to build cable team with clarity of purpose.
  • Establish renewable energy as one of the essential component of low carbon society and offer solutions to help the community for reduction in reliance on fossil fuels.
    • Introduce and implement long-term incentive program for residential and commercial owners to encourage them in installing and using solar power.
    • Explore huge untapped market for alternative energy use and contribute towards reduction in global greenhouse gas emission.

Major policies of EIPL are as under:
To improve and make customer’s satisfaction as final target.
- Deliver consistent, flexible services, fulfilling customer’s need and establish concrete position in the market.

To consider Service as a direction and Quality as Life of the Enterprise
- Display clear understanding with customer recognise their need for even better and address through quality services.
- Demonstrate passion for business, communicate, share and act with stakeholders to acquire meaningful vision for future.
- Grow as a market leader, ecologically conscious business organization with focus on the installation of solar electric.

Quality Policy:

EIPL. puts the utmost emphasis to meet users' quality expectations in the equipment and services. Through proficient training program, precise procedures in designing, manufacturing and inspection the company delivers quality production time with desired performance result.

The company envisages:
"Clean Sunlight, Clean Energy”
"Innovative Technology, High Efficiency”
"Total Quality Management, Optimum Satisfaction of Customers

EIPL occupies one of the leading positions in the market for its products and services in the capacity of supplier, erector and consultant. Its services are well recognized in the market of this region because of appropriate technology and quality. The company has already joined hands with the government to cover remote and inaccessible areas in Nepal for rural electrification through solar energy system People are interested because solar power is derived from clean source that adds to keep environment cleaner, unlike coal, nuclear and other energy. Market is expanding due to custom-designed alternative energy solutions, involving solar power together with hybrid power backup systems incorporation with other energy sources.We have been doing the European Union Project installing solar in different districts which is on the process. We have also installed solar tuki given by AEPC in different places. We have installed solar in different branches of Rastriya Banijya Bank and till now we have completed in more than 80 branches.

Distributor:TATA BP, Kyoccera

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