Energy International Pvt. Ltd.

To be able to

  • Deliver high quality services to our customers' satisfaction in line with their expectation to derive optimum benefit from the price they pay.
  • Review, on regular basis, performance and enhance staff capability for up grading services and quality of the system.
  • Develop and widen service areas introducing innovative service packages through maintaining rapport and long term relationships with key partners.
  • Facilitate transfer of knowledge and technology related to renewable energy systems.
  • Provide high quality equipment and efficient services to the utmost satisfaction of the users, gather experience and gain satisfied customers.
  • Maintain regular contact with clients to gather feed back of any minor/major mistakes, timely corrections to reduce the impact and to enlarge area of activities through their reference for adding scope of more work.
  • Maintain awareness of environmental sustainability and emphasize continue team expansion in the future and grow financially, personally as a cohesive unit with clarity of purpose.
  • As a dynamic and co-operative team, facilitate installation of solar energy system for domestic use as well as in public and private sector for commercial use.
  • Establish renewable energy as one of the essential component of low carbon society and offer solutions to help the community for reduction in reliance on fossil fuels.
  • Introduce and implement long-term incentive program for residential and commercial owners to encourage them in installing and using solar power.
  • Explore huge untapped market for alternative energy use and contribute towards reduction in global greenhouse gas emission
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