Energy International Pvt. Ltd.
Organizational Structure
The company's organization chart consists of Board of Directors supported by well-qualified and experienced core staff member comprising of technical know how, development specialists and business associates with relevant knowledge, skill and expertise in related fields of activities.

Its Apex Body comprises of following members:
Mr. Hiranya Prakash Dhar         Chairman
Mr. Nabin Prakash Dhar             Managing Director

Organizational Chart

Key Staff Members of the company:

Name  Designation
Bhupendra Shrestha H R Manager
Rishab Man Shrestha Manager
Sangita Sharma Senior Engineer
Tanka Raj Poudyal  Regional Project Manager
Sabin Shrestha Sr. Account Officer
Nirmala Shrestha Accountant
Tri Ratna Manandhar Accountant
Parbat Thapa Engineer
Rabindra Shrestha Engineer
Samata Shrestha Engineer
Prabin Dangol Engineer
Thakur Prasad  Kalathoki Engineer
Rupak Bahadur Thapa Overseer
Bikram Yongen Overseer
Narottam Lal Shrestha Overseer
Bikash Man Rai Overseer
Santa Man Maharjan Head Technician
Amit Thapa Head Technician
Kiran Shrestha Technician
Suresh Rawat Technician
Purna Maley Technician
Megh Shrestha Technician
Bikram Khadka Technician
Devendra Mali Technician
Resham Thapa Technician
Romendra Dangol Technician
Hari Magar Technician
Sujan Thapa Technician
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