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Why Us?
Why Us?
Load Shedding, due to power shortage, has become acute problem these days in Nepal. Increase in power cut hours and insufficient supply has affected almost all sectors. In actual sense working is not possible whereas disruption is common feature in work places.

It is established fact that Nepal is a country full of hydropower potential next to Brazil in the world map. Even possessing a huge resource of hydropower Nepal is facing acute energy shortage. Rather one can term it as national power crisis.

Considering irregular supply from sole supplier of power, that is NEA, this company has promoted and designed this proposal to share and solve present crisis through most viable alternative system of power generation.

This imbalance scenario of demand and supply of power led this company to contribute towards solving power crisis from its own end. In line with the growing demand of solar electricity it has cooperated with domestic, private and corporate bodies by providing them with solar power system. The company sales and installs this alternative source of energy through latest and appropriate technology. The system converts sunlight into energy by using Photovoltaic modules that is applied in Solar Power System.

Eventually, people have recognized this system as easily available and viable alternative to existing hydropower generated electricity and has gained popularity equally in rural and urban areas in Nepal

This solar power system is derived by combination of solar modules, batteries, charge controller, inverter and other accessories.

Energy International (P) Ltd. has furnished attached proposal for imparting knowledge about advantage of solar power system in the present context.
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